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Middle School


Week 1 - Adolescence: A Time of Change & Growth.

Week 2 - Positive Communication Enhances Self-Esteem.

Week 3 - The Home, Motivation and Discipline.

Week 4 - Obstacles that Get in the Way of Success in Schools.

Week 5 - How the School System Works.

Week 6 - The Road to Success & Graduation.

Elementary School


Week 1 - The Home and Motivation.

Week 2 - Communication and self-Esteem.

Week 3 - Behaviors and Discipline.

Week 4 - Implementation of New Learning Strategies at Home.

Week 5 - How the School System Works.

Week 6 - The Road to Success and Graduation.

Special Education


Week 1 - The Home, Motivation, and Self-Esteem.

Week 2 - Looking Through the Eyes of My Child.

Week 3 - Communication, Discipline and Behavior Support Plans.

Week 4 - How the School System Functions-

             FAPE: (Free and Appropriate Public Education) Services

Week 5 - IEP (Individual Educational Program

             ITP (Individualized Transition Program) 

Week 6 - Socialization and Graduation.

Autism Awareness


Week 1:  Awareness and Understanding of Autism and Asperguers.

Week 2:  The Link Between Learning Disabilities and Autism.

Week 3:  Challenging Behaviors and Behavior Interventions.

Week 4:  Other Strategies Used to Support Individuals with Autism.

Week 5:  Allocation of Resources- IEP (Individual Educational Plans).

Week 6:  Socialization and Graduation. 

gennie sidepic

Gennie Zuluaga

B.S. Psychology-Behavioral Science

M.S. Special Education

Graduate Certificate in Autism

Certified Parent Facilitator

Trauma Grief Recovery Specialist®

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