I Invite You to be Part of My Dream

 I Invite You to be Part of My Dream


My name is Eugenia Zuluaga and, as an immigrant in the United States of America, Spanish-speaking parent, and special education teacher with an abundance of classroom experience, I have become gravely aware of the acute challenge(s) that english language learner students as well as students with Autism/Learning Disabilities and their families face.

In my experience with assisting Spanish-speaking students and their families, I have noticed a crucial breakdown in communication between Spanish-speaking families and their children’s teachers and school. After witnessing this problem, I committed myself to systematically address this issue and hence, I have created En-Familia (In Family).

En-Familia is a program designed to promote parental involvement not only for the sake of a developing a positive relationship within the family but with the educational environment as well.  Parental involvement is crucial for the academic and social success of our students and for their family’s future. 

En-Familia is designed specifically to address the needs of Language Learner students. The program consists of six classes held once a week that will guide parents in many different aspects of how to successfully support their children’s educational experience.  

            It is my goal, through En-Familia, to help improve the relationship between parents, teachers, and ultimately, to upgrade and enrich the lives of english learner students. If you are interested in having En-Familia, contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information.

It is my dream to get En-Familia in many places of the world and assist to fortify the life style of english learner parents and families .


 I Invite You to be Part of My Dream.



Eugenia Zuluaga

M.S., Project Director, En-Familia